Recently I found an older video of Sophie, performing the Bob Dylan song Most of the Time. Sophie performed the song on the Polar Music Prize Ceremony back in 2000. Bob Dylan recieved the prize that year. The version of Sophie was also recorded and put on the single Happier Man, wich was also released in 2000.

You can watch the video of Most of the Time here.

Today I've updated the discography. It is not that any albums were missing, but now also the singles are listed. Including a cover picture of most of them.
There is still some information missing. Not all details, like cover photo and release date are correct and there are a few covers missing. If you have details on these details please let me know.

Since today I also put a calendar on the site, this way it wil be very easy to look up when anything important is happening.
As you might see I'm still improving the site. You might see some color changes in the menus, or items being moved. But you will always see the most important menu-items in the top-menu.

After having the same design for the site for 3 years we decided we had to update the site a little...
So I re-designed the whole site. For those you have bought Sophie latest album it may look a litte familiar.
The site is still in development, but most basic things are now up and ready. I will add more items in the next few days.

Here is a short list of some changes:

  • Now using new forum software. All post have been saved. And you an sign in ot the main page with yor old username and password.
  • I've also installed new software for the gallery.
  • You can leave comments to news-items.
  • I've added more interviews and articles about Sophie.
  • The whole site is kind of a Sophie Community now.
  • All lyrics of the new album are online.

Today I've created a new menu. It does have the old look, but it does have a totally otherfeel. Because now it is a nice flash menu. Some small other site enhancements have been made in the last days, but all quite small

There is a new page for the pictures. From now you can browse the pictures just like the forum.. It's part the the forum, and the forum is part of the gallery ;). Also a few others updates but not that big stuff as the gallery.

Today i've put some pictures online I made during the concert in Köln, 13th op april. I hope you will enjoy the pictures. For a full review of the concert in Köln you can visit our forum at (or use the link in the menu).

We added some new items to the menu-bar. You can now vote in our poll, there is a new Tabs section and the Links have moved to a separate page!

Today we added seven new pictures on the 'media' section of this website. On the same page we also added 5 new music samples. We hope you enjoy the new pics and music!

I've added some .torrent files for you to download. I've put them in the music page, where you can also find sample's o Sophie music. I do wanna say the the torrent files do contain copyrighted material! I only provide you with the torrent files. Not the content which can be downloaded using these files. This site or I does not support the illegal copying of copyrighted music. If you really support the artist you must buy his/her album! And especially Sophie's albums !!