Who I am

Tell everyone a litte bit about yourself. Let us know who you are!
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New Sophie fan
New Sophie fan
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Who I am

Post by rj » 25 Jul 2004, 20:56


Not very often do I present myself like this, but sometimes you just have to!

I'm Danish - male - and 39 years old.

I first noticed Sophie on Swedish TV where she sat on her chair whilst the lead off of Oh Dear was played. This made me think "this has to be something" as the intensity stood alone. I had to do quite a search to get the album but found out that the Internet based cdon.com had four albums. I ordered all of them and was not disappointed so to say.

Not many days have been without Sophie's music since then.

Apart form Sophie do I listen to

Heather Nova
Weather report
Neil Young
Van Morrison
Beth Hart
Lisa Ekdal
Kari Bremnes
Joan Armatrading
Hot Tuna
Joni Mitchell
Fleedwood Mac

- and quite a few others

I have had the pleasure of seeing Sophie play live three times - last time yesterday (24th of July 2004) - fortunately am I quite close to Sweden!

Junior Sophie Fan
Junior Sophie Fan
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Who I am

Post by northside66 » 22 Nov 2004, 01:12

I'm from Columbia, South Carolina in the US of A. I found Sophie probably about a year ago through a mention on another messageboard. I've been a fan ever since. Just recently found this site and the availability of videos. It's great to finally see Sophie actually sing or lip sync as the case may be. I've seen Sophies style discribed as country western, but I prefer to think of it as pop. Pop music seems to be dead in the US. Everyone is converting to hip hop which really sucks. Pop seems to be alive and well overseas. Thanks.

New Sophie fan
New Sophie fan
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Did it aswell

Post by drain1368 » 29 Nov 2005, 02:28

I did the exact same thing last summer, PM me and i will be able to help you out.

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