Hi I´m new at here :)

Tell everyone a litte bit about yourself. Let us know who you are!
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New Sophie fan
New Sophie fan
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Hi I´m new at here :)

Post by Sonne » 21 Jan 2009, 14:35

Hello guys:
                I´m from Uruguay. My name is Karina and now I live in Spain (economic issue)...
I like very much Sophie´s music and lyrics. I got all her albums less the last one (The ocean and me) :(
                I hope I learn a bit about this forum jaja I mean a wanna learn quick about it, so I can handlemyself better in here :)

                Have good luck!!!
Take care

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Junior Sophie Fan
Junior Sophie Fan
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Hello all Sophie fans

Post by corneld » 20 Feb 2011, 09:50

Hi !
I'm a new member of the forum, though I know the site much much (many years) earlier...
My name is Cornel, I'm from Bucharest, Romania.
There's a funny thing about how I discoered Sophie (and I learned that others started to love her with the same song as I did)... Someday I was watching some film on TV anddidn't felt like changing the channel when they "played" the commercial at some point. So, didn't payed any attention to those commercials until I heard one of that had a very beautiful song as background, and that song captured me so much that I tried several times to pay attention to it on other commercial breaks ... and learned a few lyrics from it and... begun searching the web for those lyrics. Fortunately, I found quickly that the song I was inlove with was ..... "Going Home", from Sophie Zelmani !
Well... that was love at first ... hearing  :)
Now I'm a huge fan of her (on my last.fm page, Sophie gets about 20% of all my listenings -- at this moment about 14000 from about 73000). Ther is no day without me listening at least one of her albums.
I like most of all "I can't change" and "If I could" (these songs gets most of my listenings...)
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