Concert 22.09.08 in Geneva

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New Sophie fan
New Sophie fan
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Concert 22.09.08 in Geneva

Post by PATRICK » 27 Sep 2008, 11:45

Hi Sophie ! :D

Thanks for your performance of 22.09.08 evening in BFM Geneva.
Your voice is still so nice to be heard and your magic songs to be listened.
A very great moment of happyness.
Congratulations at each of your musicians

but …but….

But why to be so shy ? so shy seems sometimes like to be… cold. Sure I know you’re from Sweden…

I speak here of your perf’of Geneva, for me the only one I have never seen.
In all  your other concerts you’re maybe less shy and your communication with public is more fluently and warm.

Having spoken with some people here with us we noted that your smiles were rare enough and you seemed to be sometimes embarassed on scene.

Here I dare to permit myself to let you know what I propose for future.

-To greet your public when you arrive on scene (we wait and are here only for you..) and some words will be welcomed.
-some words in french (for Geneva) even with accent and mistakes.. (we’re ready to hear all of you !)
-some smiles with public and with your group’s guys can help to melt the ice…. (we really want to live emotions)

But don’t worry and be afraid with this few words. We really all appreciated your concert and turned back so charmed at home.

Be and stay what you’re but just a little effort for us (your public).
I only hope that this could help you in future. ;)

I really wish you complete and full success for the next years.
Let me know when you’ll come back in Switzerland and I’ll come to see the metamorphosis !

Congratulations and all the best for you Sophie and all your group.


New Sophie fan
New Sophie fan
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Re: Concert 22.09.08 in Geneva

Post by Alexandre » 23 Sep 2009, 01:45

Hej Sophie!

September 22nd, 2008 - September 22nd, 2009: a year ago. I came to see you to sing at the Bâtiment des Forces Motrices. It was my first travel in Switzerland from South-Eastern France (Cogolin (10 kilometers near Saint-Tropez)/Toulon in car, Toulon/Geneva in train).

It was a great moment for me. I sat in the front row, slightly to your right. When you passed your book to the audience, I wrote a message on a full page my admiration I had (and I have again) for you. I remember again: you were singing "Travelling" (one of my favorite songs), I couldn't write and look at you in same time. I wanted you sing "Yes I am" (another of my favorite, as all yours songs). You're the first artist I saw give a book to people for write some words, I thought you would go to see them after the show.

I'm also shy (more than you!) and solitary, and it's not easy for me to talk with some people.

This year, I learned you've collaborated with other artists for a tribute in CD to Leonard Cohen. I saw him this summer in Nîmes, France. What a voice!

I hope to see you again in Geneva with your musicians. I discovered the Lars Halapi's album "When your TV makes you cry" three months later. I liked it. I hope he'll record a new CD sooner or later.

I tell you once more "Tack så mycket" for everything you are, and for everything the pleasure you give me when you sing. Sometimes your voice makes me cry when you sing "Nostalgia" or "Composing".

I wish you all the best. See you soon!

Alexandre Auxentides

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