Two french duets ...

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Two french duets ...

Post by Fred » 07 Mar 2008, 23:12

Hi everybody.
By advance, again, excuse me for my english  ;)

I wanted to speak about 2 french bands, 2 french duets, who are becoming famous ... and i love  their both albums, very original and pleasant to listen !
Maybe you already know them, i don't really know how they're famous outside (maybe The Do more than a lot of Cocoon).

The Do (pronciated dow, not do, because the O is strike).

Dan and Olivia

Name is initials of their surname (D and O), and also, in French, the note C.
He's french, a music professionnal, writing soundtrack for movie, advertising, etc ...
Her father is French, and her mother is Finnish, and she's trilingual (english, french and finnish).
They met themselves on a writing project for a movie, and decided to make their own music, try all kinds of music, have fun.
At the beginning, they were not planning writing an album, or becoming famous, but last year their myspace has made them becoming more and more famous.
And album is here : Mouthful.

Very eclectic songs (rock, pop, folk, one in R&B style, ... ) all of them with really good inspiration, good writing, good melodies. I love all of them  ;D
Olivia sings in english on all songs except one, Unissasi Laulelet, in Finnish.
I love her voice (sounds a little like Nina Persson, from Cardigans).
And she's beautiful (but, that's not the subject  ::) )

So, stop talking about them, just discover :
- Their myspace
- Their first single (already a tube) : On My Shoulders
- On My Shoulders, live on french broadcast
- The bridge is broken, live on antoher french broadcast


Marc & Morgane

I'd already heard their single, On my Way, but i've just discover yesterday who they were (and that they were french, from Clermond-Ferrant), and bought their album, My Friends All Died In A Plane Crash (waiting now for it).

He plays guitar, and his sweetly voice recalls Ben Harper.
She has a very beautiful and sweet voice.
And she's beautiful (but, that's not the subject  ::) )

Their duet is so emotionnal, it's really pleasant to hear their quiet folk ballads.
And their voices together... So beautiful ...
They're singing in english (he's bilingual, she has studied english).

So, have a look :
- Their myspace
- Their single, acoustic, at home
- The clip of the single (a little bit weird  ;))
- Vultures
- Tell me
- Chupee

Covers they make on showcase :
- Hey ya, by
- Rehab, by Amy Winehouse  ... so different  ;)

Hope you'll appreciate them.

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