hey everybody i'm "back"

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Junior Sophie Fan
Junior Sophie Fan
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hey everybody i'm "back"

Post by ulukai555 » 10 Sep 2006, 19:44

Hej hej

it's been a long time...

yep after a long trip in south america (hablo español ahora :) )

and 2 month for going back to the reality

the last week i was in Sweden :shock: oh my god what a beautyfull country and a lot of people know Sophie :D but yep of cours i'll be back Sweden very very beautyfull quite clean.... i really enjoyed it :) so if you can just go you'll not regreat that

so know i'm back and i saw that i missed a "lot" of Sophie's concerts in switzerland :cry: makes me be so sad so i hope the next one i'll be there so if you see that just scream it to me :lol:

tak tak Sophie

Hey da

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