Login problems?

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Real Sophie Fan
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Login problems?

Post by zuperparanoid » 22 Apr 2006, 23:04

If you're having trouble with login, you can try to delete cookies. I had trouble with login for weeks, before I finally found this out... There are several ways to delete cookies, it depends on which internet browser you are using. But most users can try this procedure:

- Start
- Control Panel
- Internet Options
- Delete Cookies

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Login problems?

Post by Rindert » 23 Apr 2006, 19:58


After the update to the new, better secured version, there had been made changes to the domain the cookie was vallid for when you enebeld the 'remember me' function. Also there were some problems with login in to the gallery. All should be fixed when you delete you old cookie for always-sophie.com and login again.
Thanks Zuperparanoid
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