Who's that guy?

Tell everyone a litte bit about yourself. Let us know who you are!
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Who's that guy?

Post by Guillaume » 18 Aug 2004, 11:35

Hi all,

In first : I'm sorry for my bad english!
I'm a french guy, i'll 28 in september and i discover Sophie at the radio when she did sing : "Always you"...like everybody...I know!!
I love her voice and her style at the first moment!
When i listen Sophie, i'm like carried away in a wood, or the country, the mountain...pacefull places, trees, birds, water...and sophie's voice and her sweet guitar :"The Kiff"!! I never see her in concert...but it's never to late!
Moreover, i'm archivist (civil servant), and actor (theatre)...I'm not very sportsman but a day i'll do a sport...
I love a lot of music styles :
French singers : Zazie, Calogero, Delerm, Cali, Daho, M Framer...
International singers : Madonna, The Cardigans, Norah Jones, Kylie Minogue, Aime Mann, Jamiroquai...
And, finally : Sophie ZELMANI.
DO Someone on this forum meet her ?
french fan

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