Just Things..

Tell everyone a litte bit about yourself. Let us know who you are!
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New Sophie fan
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Just Things..

Post by matthias » 10 Oct 2008, 22:59


first of all - my daughter was born in 2001 at the 25th December - she called Sophie.
No - she isn't named like Ms Zelmani, but - I was curious about the singer called Sophie Zelmani. It was in a radio station, called SWR3 when I first heard about her.

There was a coverage about Sophies Zelmani CD "Sing and Dance".
It was in October. In December I have birthday, so I wished this CD from a friend. But - this CD wasn 't available in the stores around me.

I just heard the bad streams in amazon. But that music was fantastic even with the bad sound.

Month later, i bought my first nice price CD. called "Love Affair". I hear it and hear it.

At this time, Sophie had a Show in Frankfurt. I thought - should I go alone, then no one knows this music - and - that is my music, so why should I take anyone with me.

I don't want to share all these impression - when i listing my music.

I think 2 years later - and couple of CDs later - I stand in cologne - in a little hall - seeing Sophie Zelmani - live.

Live?! - Do you know - If you think - Sophie has wonderful CDs recorded in a studio. Then you know nothing, nothing in compare with a live concert.
You love the acoustic guitars, the music itself - and then she.
She is singing - she can't talk. Hey If Sophie say a sentence - you won't hear the end of the sentence - because she alway getting silent.
She can't look you in the eyes - nope - she can't.

But that is not so important, you will love the music.

Then this Sumer - that was my sumer of "Swedish issues" - Why?
Okay, I am a Sports Sails Man - this year the boat trip was - germany (Ruegen) to Bornholm, and Spellinge in Sweden. I never was in Sweden before - it was a lovely place.
And I play every day at the sound system a live CD from Sophie. At least - every ones says, great music, this Sophies sound will always remember me at this lovely sailing boats trip.

And then I heard the new album from Sophie. The ocean an me...
Hey - she didn't know me - but, that CD is just for me - sorry folks thats just for me - may be for her - a little.

Sweden... i get back from my trip  - come back to work - there was waitining a project - right for me. It is a project for a swedish company.
So Sweden is this year all around.

September Cologne: Sophie in Concert.
There all comes together. I am standing in the first row, I just listening to the music, she played  very famous.

It was great.

From these date, i just thing, how i could tell these story, where i should write - okay, that is not really the right place
but I do....

thats I am... I don't know me...

Oh I forgot some: i always went with my wife to these concerts, and at the cologne concern - sophie and my eyes crosses three times...

mosicle lee
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Junior Sophie Fan
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Re: Just Things..

Post by mosicle lee » 11 Dec 2008, 15:37

I know you more than anyone.Such a sorrow and sorry folk,and it said"Stand silent,I can catch you."

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