Maria Solheim ?

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Maria Solheim ?

Post by Fred » 12 Jun 2007, 00:13

Hi everybody !

I've just discovered Maria Solheim (yesterday), a young singer-songwriter from Norway.
Here, in France, she's absolutly unknown, but i imagine some of you will know her ...

I wanted to buy the Ane Brun live from cdon, so i took also the 2 last albums of Maria to discover her music and universe. I've just heard couples of song and seen 2-3 clips from youtube, but i've wanted to learn more and bought her cd.
She doesn't sound like Sophie, more like Ane Brun (and her voice recalls me Bic Runga sometimes ... and a touch of Keren Ann ?).

So, do you know her, and what your feelings about ?


To discover :

And on youtube :
Too many Days
The Snow has killed
Where do people go ?

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Re: Maria Solheim ?

Post by Rubis » 21 Sep 2007, 22:36

Hi Fred!

I did not knew Maria Soheim before. I listened to her on the web and I quite like it, but I do prefer Sophie  ;)

See ya'

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