I'm the Rain 2010 Tour

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New Sophie fan
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I'm the Rain 2010 Tour

Post by lomarodom » 16 Mar 2010, 12:00


Another album, another tour!

Please share your emotions and opinions after the live shows that you attended in Sui/Ger/Swe, March 2010. I personally go to the one in Berlin a week from today.

Does she sing songs from the title album, or does she mix them with oldies too?

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Re: I'm the Rain 2010 Tour

Post by Cornflakegirl » 24 Mar 2010, 21:25

I saw her in Hamburg yesterday and it was a really nice show! Sophie was a little shy while speaking to the audience but her voice was crystal clear.
The only negative thing that comes to my mind is that we had to wait quite some time before the support act (which was great btw!) and then Sophie hit the stage so I didn't have time to buy their albums because otherwise I would have been stuck in Hamburg for the night.

1. Interior Design
2. To Be Forgiven
3. Wind took my Sail
4. I'm the Rain
5. Hard to know
6. It knows
7. Ready
8. Going Home
9. Until dawn
10. You can always long for May
11. If I could
12. Happier Man
13. Dreamer
14. Got To Stop

15. Song of the Night
16. To know You
17. Love on my Mind

New Sophie fan
New Sophie fan
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Re: I'm the Rain 2010 Tour

Post by lomarodom » 25 Mar 2010, 17:28

Yes, I saw the show yesterday in Berlin and it was reallly great!

I love the way she/Lars tailor songs for the live concert to change rhythm, style, length, solos in a song. The good-old Happier Man was refreshed with keyboard solo and Hard To Know became a rock song!

I also would agree that Sophie got nervous when she started talking to the audience (I don't know if the therapist-story is true). That's what I expected, but did not hear, during her Ocean And Me Tour two years ago. The band got to the stage, played the songs and disappeared, saying just "thank you" after some songs. This time Sophie was trying to communicate with the audience and it was not an simple try. On the other hand, she easily shares her emotions with the crowd on very private whispering songs, like "It Knows". Still don't understand that. Anyway, it was nice to hear her talking to people, and even letting to guess the last song to sing of the show. Of course, I yelled the right one (I'll remember you), because I was prepared and knew the full list:)

The Berlin show also started an hour later, because the first part was spoiled by warm-up band (sorry, guys, but that's true). Does Sophie always sing with warm-up bands now?

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Tonight's concert in Lausanne, D! Club, Switzerland

Post by Rubis » 02 Oct 2010, 10:15

:D I will be there ... and I'm really looking forward to this show.

I plan to post a little report afterwards. Stay tuned  ;)

Will some other fan in this forum be there?


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