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Hello from Germany

Posted: 08 Aug 2007, 22:15
by Batman
Hi together! ;D

I´m male, 40 years old and come from a small village in Southwest - Germany near the french broder.
I work as electrician in a big paper factory of a Swedish/ Finnish Paper Company.

In January 2006 friends of mine asked me,if I wanted to come with shopping. I needed nothing, but I join them to a big shopping center. While my friends searched for  the things they needed, I checked CD´s in the CD-Store. The first CD i saw, was "A Decade of Dreams". I love the look of the CD. The Butterfly is beautiful! Never heard about Sophie Zelmani at this time and so I take the headphones there and tested it. From the first time I heard her voice I fall in love with her music. Ok, Sophie also  looks a little bit like a former love interest  of mine. ;) Maybe that was also a little reason to buy the album. But the mean reason was, that I like every song on that album. How many times you have bought a CD, where you love every song on it? Ok, next day I bought every CD from Sophie and I love all her songs of it. While I searched in the Internet for the discography of Sophie, i found out that she come to Heidelberg for a Concert. I was so happy about it,  you can´t imagine. I bought a ticket and the Concert in Heidelberg in Febuary 2006 was just amazing, breathtaking wonderful. One year later i read, that she will come again to Heidelberg in April 2007. Again I saw a great and wonderful concert.  Since January 2006 there was not one day without the music of Sophie. 
Okay, that´s my "Sophie Zelmani Love Story".  ;D

But surprisingly I have more favorite music: Chris de Burgh, Pink Floyd, Leaves Eyes, ABBA, Bon Jovi Soundtracks, Heather Nova and many more. Like Pop, Rock, Gothic, Some kind of jazz, Female singers, Soundtracks, classic music.
Another big hobby of mine are Movies.

Okay, thats enough from me for the moment, I think. I didn`t  want to bore you.
If anybody have questions about me, feel free to ask me. ;)

Its real great here. Thanks.


P.S.:  By the way, you can also find me at (the 3D Chat messenger). My name there is John Dunbar (Batman was already in use  :'( )

Re: Hello from Germany

Posted: 13 Nov 2007, 10:43
by Rubis
Hi Batman!

Thanks for sharing your "love story" with Sophie's music  :)! It's not at all boring !

As for me, I fell in love with her music in 1999. And I'm still addicted  :P..... But I guess it's a good addiction and so far I haven't noticed too many side effects.....

See you,